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My First Urban Sketching Workshop at Overjoyed

I conducted my first Art workshop in 2017. I was visiting a friend in Kuala Lumper and she invited me to conduct a workshop at her studio. I was grateful that she didn’t cancel it despite of the small number of sign-ups. I remembered that i was a little intimidated by the art teachers who attended my workshop but it was a good experience. 

A leading art and craft supplies store in Singapore, Overjoyed, tied up with Urban Sketchers Singapore to spread the joy of urban sketching through series of workshops in March 2020.  

When I know my proposal for a basic ink & wash workshop was accepted, I was ecstatic but I knew I had a lot of work to do, e.g. draft the workshop slides and try out the demo piece.

I went down to Overjoyed at least three times to select and try out the workshop materials. People at Overjoyed were really accommodating because I actually changed my mind over the materials a few times and they were ok with that.

Unfortunately there was a spike of Covid -19 cases several days before the workshop and with it, implementation of social distancing measures so I tried to close registration early to keep the participant number down. I am grateful to find that 12 people had signed up.

The workshop was for 3 hours only so I couldn't bring the participants out for on location sketching but we had fun mixing colours and painting the Selegie Art Centre. I didn't know that I overran the workshop by 30 mins until I saw the participants packing.

Here are some of their works:

Pretty awesome I think! Hope to see them at the monthly USK sketch walks in future!

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