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First Workshop of 2021!

I recently conducted a "Let's Draw a Shopfront Workshop" at Overjoyed on the 21 March 2021. Here's my account of what happened.

1. The preparation- I travelled to the Tiramisu Hero to take the reference photo for the workshop because I remembered the shop had an interesting looking balcony on the second storey while being simple to draw. I found out they placed a canopy in front which made this shop more complicated to draw.

2: I realised that morning while preparing for the class that I wouldn’t get a set of the items unless I requested for it in advance (which I didn’t) and I totally panicked. Luckily Overjoyed managed to dig out leftover workshop materials that I could use.

3: The night before the workshop I tried out a live painting of the same photo and I couldn’t finish it in two hours so I was worried that I would overran the time.

In the end I overran the workshop by 45 min! Despite all the hiccups, I really had fun sharing my knowledge with the participants. The best moment was when we took a wefie and everyone completed their piece. Mission accomplished!

I will be sharing "How to ink & wash with a limited palette" in my next workshop on 22 May 2021. I promise I will end on time next time!

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