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The Singapore Shopfront Drawing Challenge: Preserving Memories One Drawing at a Time

Drawing shopfronts has become my artistic obsession over the past two years. I started this passion project in 2021 at the peak of the COVID pandemic. Back then we could not travel and I had a lot of time so I became a local tourist and explored the streets of Singapore.

My love for Singapore shophouses and their enchanting shopfronts drove me to do more than just take photographs. I wanted to bring these charming places to life on paper.

Inspired by a captivating Instagram account showcasing Tokyo shopfronts, I decided to start our very own challenge on Instagram showcasing a different Singapore shopfront each week and inviting other artists to join me in painting them.

The response has been overwhelming, and the support from fellow artists and followers has been heartwarming. One of the most rewarding aspects has been the opportunity to share my passion with the world.

Throughout this adventure, I’ve encountered some incredibly memorable moments. One of the sweetest was when a follower sent me drawings and a heartfelt voice recording from her child, who dreams of becoming a shopfront sketch artist one day, just like me.

As for the future, there’s no stopping the Singapore Shopfront Challenge! I intend to continue drawing and sharing the beauty of these enchanting shopfronts. And it’s not just limited to Singapore; I aspire to include shopfronts from other countries in this artistic journey.

My ultimate dream project is to compile all my shopfront challenge works into a beautiful picture book.

I also envision collaborating with other talented artists who share the same passion for preserving memories through art. An exhibition featuring these captivating artworks in one of the very shophouses we’ve sketched is something I’d love to see come to life.

In a bustling city like Singapore, where landscapes are constantly changing, the Singapore Shopfront Challenge holds immense value. It’s not just about sketching buildings; it’s about preserving the stories and memories of the places we’ve cherished over the years. This journey has been inspiring, heartwarming, and full of artistic growth. I’m grateful for all the support and can’t wait to see where this artistic adventure takes me next.

I did an interview with Wonderwall a while back, you can read here:

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