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2020 in review

This year has been rather bizarre. Covid changed everything. We had to stay home during the circuit breaker from April to June (sort of a lockdown) and I haven’t been able to enjoy two of my favourite activities (travel and karaoke). Therefore I channeled much of that time and money onto making more art, videos and live streaming my art process.

[Urban sketching]

I had wanted to make it an urban sketch a week but COVID happened. At least I managed to attend all the official USKSG sketchwalks. ✌🏻

[All the Art challenges]

+inktober 52+

I cannot believe I actually completed all 52 drawings in time. I was a wee bit late but it is alright. I will be sharing the video review real soon.


I did this in place of Inktober 2020 and completed 31 daily drawings in October. Watch the videos (here and here).

+Weekly shopfronts+

I live stream shopfront drawings on Sunday mornings. It has been so fun that I am planning to start a weekly drawing challenge for everyone to join in. Sketchbook review is here.

+Stay at home sketches+

I sketched things in the house during the circuit breaker. I realised that we have a lot of house plants.

[Full of luck]

+Overjoyed Workshop+

Very fortunate to conduct a sketching workshop before the circuit breaker. My post is here. I will be doing a rerun in March 2021. 😉

+Art Installation at Tanjong Pagar+

My piece of Bukit Pasoh was included in an art installation together with other 4 talented sketchers.

[Youtube channel]

My goal for 2020 was to post a video once every two weeks and now I post once a week. Check out my channel!

[Live stream]

Someone suggested that I try live streaming so I did. I now stream on Twitch and Youtube on Friday evenings (11pm onwards) and on Instagram on Sunday mornings (10am onwards). Join me if you can!


I have many plans for 2021. Looking forward to more likes and support! Stay safe and healthy everyone~

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