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My Largest Art Commission yet!

When I saw the framed work I knew I had crossed the finishing line.

Back in Jan 2019, I received an enquiry about watercolour painting commission from a corporate client. They wanted something that is representative of Singapore.

I showed them the commission of the Singapore skyline that I did for another collector. They liked it and wanted a similar one.

My first Singapore Skyline painting

However they wanted it to adorn a 3m x 3m wall so the Singapore skyline 2 painting became the largest painting I have done to date.

I didn’t know how long it would take so I didn’t promise a delivery date. It was fortunate because it turned out to be SO. MUCH. WORK. I documented the whole process in a video in my YouTube channel.

This painting is available as a postcard. If you like a larger print you can order from society6.

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