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First shop update of 2021!

These eight postcards were made from the drawings for Inktober52 of 2020.

Postcard: Singapore Garden City

This set of 4 postcards is all about the gardens and parks in Singapore.

Top left: Botanical gardens, top right: Gardens by the Bay, bottom left: Marlion Park, bottom right: Bishan Park

Postcards: From the world streets to mountains

This set contained photos of places from all over the world. I have visited all of them except the Banaue Rice Terrace in the Philippines

Top left: Daegu, top right: Banaue rice terraces, bottom left: Grindelwald, bottom right: Hundertwasser House
Except for Merlion Park which I did as an urban sketch, I painted most of them during my live stream sessions on Twitch/ Youtube.

Shop links here and here.

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