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My first Jackson’s Art order

Someone on YouTube left me a comment about glacier green being one of her favourite colours from Schmincke special super granulating range and I was like “I never heard of glacier green and what are these special super granulating colours?”.

I googled and it turned out that someone had reviewed the 15 colours on Jackson’s Art. I was mind-blown. Such exquisite granulations. I had to get my hands on them. I checked with Overjoyed, our local art store in Singapore but they don’t have the colours. Bummer! I went back to Jackson’s Art and realized that they are having a 20% off all Schmincke watercolours and it worked out to be cheaper than the local art store so I decided to take the plunge.

Am I lucky or what!

It was my first time buying from Jackson’s Art. I never thought of buying from an online art store based in UK as I wasn’t sure if the shipping cost would work out to be astronomically high or if I needed to wait long for the goods to arrive. The watercolours were flying off the shelves so by the time I was done and ready to pay I only managed to get 4 colours from the range. I clicked on buy and to my surprise shipping was free if I use international tracked post and it supposed to take 11-21 days. Less than 1 month. Not bad. I paid and wait.

The package arrived 7 days later. Internal scream!

The goods arrived within a week! I also ordered the 140 colours dot-card as I have been wanting to try out all the colours from this brand but haven’t been able to get the dot-card from the local art stores.

I immediately carted another 9 colours after Jackson's Art restocked and I received the paints in 7 days! I am having a blast swatching all the new colours from the super granulating special edition range and will upload a review video about them soon.

Look at their cheeky message!

To summarise I am pleasantly surprised by how affordable and fast it is to buy from Jackson’s Art but please do a price check against your local art store. Look out for sales and special discounts for an even better deal!

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