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1K subscribers on Youtube

I uploaded my first proper youtube video (like one with my talking head) about my resin craft haul from Taobao in July 2017. I looked awkward, spoke too softly, the video was shaky and in the wrong orientation. It was a miracle that it had since gathered 500+ views and 15 likes. After that I continued uploading videos about crafting, sketch outing and travel sporadically over 2018-2019.

It was the end of 2019 when I decided to focus on making urban sketching and art supply review videos. I had benefitted much from watching YouTube videos and I wanted to pay it forward. I wasn't famous nor the authority on these subjects but I believe everyone have something unique to add to any topic so I might offer a different perspective and people might learn something. I resolved that when I make a video it must be one that I enjoy watching and learn something from. Then I started to post more regularly.

The beginning was tough. I spent up to 6-8 hours filming and editing each video (I still do). The videos did not get more than 20 views and no one seem to care at all. It was demoralising. I told myself all I need to care about was what to create next. Slowly the videos started getting more views and people who thanked me for making them. I also started live streaming my art process on Friday nights.

On 15 Jan 2021, it finally happened. I have one thousand subscribers on the channel.

Many subscribers became regular viewers on my live stream and every Friday evening we hanged out together. We motivate and challenge one another. We laughed and cheered together. It's beautiful and the feeling that there are people who care about the same things as you do is so surreal. I really appreciate every subscriber for giving me their precious time and attention.

I will continue to create art, explore art materials, discover places and share my knowledge. There is much to improve especially the technical parts of video making as I still film the videos on my iPhone, edit them on iMovie and use the free music from YouTube library. I do have a donation goal on Kofi for an annual subscription to Epidemic sound which provide copyright free music for my live stream and youtube videos. If you would like to support, please donate through this link. ❤️

Are you a subscriber? Which video was the one that you subscribed on? What would you like to see more of? What improvements do you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

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