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Wanderers Postcard Exchange 2023

Hey there! So, after tossing around the idea of a physical postcard exchange in the art community for a bit, we're actually making it happen now. Exciting, right? 

Here's how we will do it:

Step 0: Indicate your interest in the form below. 

Step 1: Design a postcard using any color or medium. Optionally, follow a chosen prompt. More information about that in a while.

Step 2: Add a message, poem, haiku, or quote without revealing your identity.

Step 3: Write your mailing address and identity on a post-it note, then mail the postcard and note to me. Notify me.Take a photo of your postcard in case it gets lost in the mail

Step 4: Aim for delivery by 29 December. I'll send it to another participant after the holidays.

Step 5: Join our livestreams to guess who created each postcard.

I want to be a part of this event!

Happy to see you join in the fun! Please check your email for my mailing address.

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